How It Works

There are two different sections as Free Online Tests and Paid Online Test.
How to use the as a user.

Step 1: Sign up

First, create the account into Fill the form as shown. The activation mail goes to your registered mail account. Click on the link which will activate your account in

Step 2: Login

After activation, login into The user will be redirected to dashboard. Now you will see a list of test available. Click on any test which you want to give, it will take you to page where lists of all available test series of that particular subject.

Step 3: Select Test

Click on take test button. Pop up window will appear. Pop up window will open. Read the terms and conditions. Accept terms and conditions and click submit.

Step 4: Take Test

Now the test will get started. You will see the questions and options. Select the appropriate option. Click on the next button to view next questions. Carry the process until you have completed all questions. Once you have attended all questions, click on the submit button to submit the test.

Step 5: Submit Test

Once you submit test, you will be redirected to the result page where you can see your result for that particular subject and same will be forwarded to your email id.

Thank you for giving the test in